Who We Are…

Annai Trust operates primarily as an educator development agency in the fields of language, literacy and communication and is a leader in educational assessment, materials development and resource provision. In terms of local and international resource selection and provision, Annai Trust delivers community and life-skills training to young people about to enter the workforce, as well as training for adults in business, including presentation, communication and conflict resolution skills. Our educator and school management training programmes include:

School-based workshops and demonstrations

In-situ classroom support and mentoring, aligned with results-orientated implementation strategies

Widows are amongst the most vulnerable group now a days. In traditional rural Indian societies, women marry young and stay at home to look after the children. The husband is the bread winner whose earnings provide financial support for the family.

The death of a husband is traumatic and with no state support, it necessitates that the widow finds some form of paid employment. Typically this would be a low wage job which is sometimes insufficient to pay for food and shelter. Often the need is such that young children who should be attending school are required to take up some form of underage employment to supplement their mother’s income in order to feed the family. It is this financial burden which makes it necessary for the children to be withdrawn from school.

Annai Trust is providing training in business skills for widows so that they can generate sustainable income to be able to look after their families and educate their children.

Annai Makkal Trust is a Charitable Organisation registered in India(Charity No. ). AMT was formed in as a charitable trust (Charity No. ) but became a charity  organisation in 2018.

AMT is working in a number of families to relieve poverty and advance development by educating disadvantaged children and orphans so that they achieve their full potential and empowering needy widows and every being through training to generate income to sustain their families.

Our importance to Education…

Illiteracy is one of our country’s most serious problems, stunting individual progress and India’s growth. Annai Trust is dedicated to bringing about change.

Annai Makkal  Trust is a  NGO that operates broadly in the education and literacy sectors, specifically in educator training and the provision of school resources.

Established in 2018 and funded by  local  donors  the private sector, Annai Trust works alongside the Department of Education to implement teacher training and literacy projects in schools.


A Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the management, administration and strategic direction of the African Child Trust. Annai Trust goals is to help eliminate hunger through initiatives that help manual farmers move from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture, resulting in enhanced security for the farmers, increased and sustainable food supplies and measurable economic growth in developing nations.We are excited and optimistic about Opportunity’s ongoing efforts to create a sustainable framework for enhanced food security through increased food production, food availability at local markets and family income to purchase food